Finport Technologies Inc. is rapidly developing intracorporate Intranet portals.

Intranet portal is an internal corporate information system based on Internet technologies and developed specially for management and work with information, for access to documents and services inside the company.

Intranet portal enables the company staff to use stored corporate knowledge effectively, respond to the company events, as well as to arrange effective process of a group work.

Main peculiarities of Intranet portals:

  • Low risk and quick investments return (possibility to receive quick results with low expenses);
  • Integration technologies (possibility of effective combination of various software solutions on the base of different software into a single information system);
  • Investments catalyst (possibility to fasten the recoupment process of a purchased software and to systemize and arrange further investments into information infrastructure);
  • Effective communication among the staff.

Main tasks solved by Intranet portals:

  • Providing the company staff with a convenient information storage that provides the advanced search and logic rubrication;
  • Automation of business processes of different company departments (HR department, PR department, analytical department, etc.);
  • Maximum standardization and simplification of routine operations on elaboration and publication of company documents;
  • Host-centric publication and convenient updating of news, advertisements, orders, etc. on Internet portal;
  • Implementation of mechanism of planning and accounting;
  • Creation of systems of news subscription both for separate employees and different groups, departments;
  • On-line consultations and conferences;
  • Coordination of works and interaction of users;
  • Integration of applications into a single corporate information system;
  • Acquisition and analysis of information about the interests of the staff searching for information on the portal;
  • Resource reservation inside the company;
  • Allocation of rights on information access.