Having a considerable experience of designing, development and application of IT solutions, Finport Technologies offers its services in the area of consulting at creation and implementation of the customer’s information systems.

In the recent years, in view of rapid development of the IT-market, the companies quite often face the task to choose program systems, applications and strategy of IT-infrastructure development. Involving a company which grants qualified consulting services and is able to assist in the choice of a solution as well as to take part in the project as an independent expert is a guarantee of its successful accomplishment.  

Consulting services may include:

  • pre-project inspection – determination of goals, methods and means for project implementation, the necessary resources analysis, working out the concept;  
  • company preparation – structure diagnostics, participation in forming a working group for the project, consulting in the area of project management, etc.;  
  • administering the process – planning and controlling implementation of all the phases, stages and works on the project, rights and responsibilities distributing between the project participants;  
  • uncovering and elimination of the “weaknesses” that arise in the project implementation process; requirements control; 
  • verification of the project results (confirmation of the work results’ form and content conformity with the established requirements, carrying out the analysis, accepting and approving the project results);
  • method support (training the project participants, developing methods and standards for information systems’ building, implementation and operation).