Information monitoring system «Web-Observer»

WOInformation monitoring system Web-Observer

Web-Observer is a system of aggregating, processing, storing and analyzing of information from different electronic sources (Internet publications, e-mail messages, internal information archives etc.).

Basic functions of the system:

  • Collection, parse and store of new publications from required sources into the database;
  • Further distribution of stored data over headings;
  • Message for staff about important information for them (by e-mail);
  • Creation of reports and digests on topics of concern;
  • Export of selected publications into MS Word;
  • Analysis of publication colouring (positive, negative);
  • Formation of statistics of reference to objects in publications (of a company, person, brands, etc.);
  • Archiving;
  • Effective search for information in the stored archive.

The system provides the possibilities of:

  • Monitoring of important events in community, policy, economy;
  • Tracking of information concerning reputation of a certain person and company image, formation of a personal history;
  • Monitoring of competitors and market tendencies;
  • Monitoring of information in electronic mass media till the moment of its print version distribution;
  • Control over leakage of confidential data, search for primary sources of aggressive and false information;
  • Arrangement of analytical and statistical reports;
  • Work with the archive of stored information;

Effects of the System use:

  • On-line monitoring, prompt response;
  • A single knowledge base;
  • Information support in making decisions;
  • Creation of personalized information streams.

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